If you want to learn about the most famous ukulele bands, you must mention the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. For a music enthusiast, especially the ukulele, it is best to learn through the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain members.

Check out the highlights of the ukulele orchestra of Great Britain members below! 

Discover The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Members

If you want to discover who are members of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. The following list will be great information for you:

Kitty Lux

Kitty Lux was one of the founding members and head of the band. London is her hometown, and then she went to Leeds to study. Her career in ukulele began in 1982 and, until 1985, joined the founding of the ukes.

Having a period of personal health problems, Kitty Lux decided to give up playing music, and not long after that, she passed away. In particular, her music CDs written and performed with the band Really are among the most impressive.

Richie Williams

Richie Williams is the initial member, and he is also the newest addition to the team. For more than a decade, Richie Williams has been absent from the music scene, but this break will also be a time to help him behave well.

His original hometown was in Bootle, but he later stayed in Liverpool to carry out his studies. In 1985 he entered the ukes; after a short hiatus, he returned in 2003. Additionally, He has worked with many famous musicians and groups. 

George Hinchliffe

George Hinchliffe was one of the founding members and conductor of the orchestra. He was born and raised in Sheffield but lived in Kent.

He has a prosperous background in playing the ukulele as he started playing in 1960, and in 1985 he started establishing the ukes music band. Moreover, George Hinchliffe also recorded some of his solo discs. 

Dave Suich

Dave Suich is a member who gives a breakthrough impression with his long hair. The place he attended is Leeds, but Erith is where he was born. 

His ukulele career began in 1980, then five years later, he and many other members met the music band. Dave Suich also joined many private groups and released his single album.  

Hester Goodman

Hester Goodman is a prominent member whose mother plays the piano and her father plays the ukulele. In 1950 they lived in the same house, and that site later became the residence of the ukes.

London is where Hester Goodman studied. She started her ukulele career in 1980, and 10 years later, she joined the group.

With her deep experience, she has worked with many famous musicians. Furthermore, Hester Goodman won a music award at the age of eight.

Will Grove-White

Will Grove-White is the most junior member. He was born in London and raised in Shepherd’s Bush. In 1991 Will Grove-White followed the ukes team. He is a young generation and is still in school, so he needs a school leave permit to attend shows with the ukes.

Will Grove-White has received many impressive awards in his career. In addition to participating in bands, he also released CDs for his solo works.

Peter Brooke Turner

Peter Brooke Turner is the tallest of all. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal. His upbringing has been through many places such as Brazil, Finland, the Soviet Union, Italy, and America. 

In 1989 he started playing music, and in 1994 registered with the team. In addition to being part of a musical group, he also participates in concerts, competitions, and releases solo CDs. 

Leisa Rea

Leisa Rea is a member, and she was an energetic person playing the piano when she was only five years old. Manchester is where she grew up, and then she chose Yorkshire and Wales as her destination to study. 

Although she has been playing music for a long time, it was not until 2003 that she accompanied the group. She is also involved in many other arts such as drama, stage, music, radio, and television.

Ben Rouse

Ben Rouse is a member who is quite impressive with playing the ukulele with a rock posture. Hampshire is where he grew up, but he was born in Cornwall. 

The guitar is a genre that he started playing when he was only 11 years old, and in 2011 he started playing the ukulele. Then in 2014, Ben Rouse entered the ukes. He published his earliest solo ukulele album called Solo Ukulele.

Dave Bowie

Dave Bowie started playing the flute, and then he switched to many other genres such as electric bass, baritone sax, and double bass. He lived in Leeds but his hometown and was raised in London.

In 1977 Dave Bowie started playing bass, and in 1985 he joined the team. He has worked with many prominent names and boy bands.

Jonty Bankes

Jonty Bankes is a member with many talents such as ukulele and whistles virtuosically. He started playing music at a very young age and enrolled in the group in 1992. Not only that, but he also plays rock music and releases CDs with many other artists.  

Ewan Wardrop

Ewan Wardrop started playing music in 1998. Further, he also plays the pennywhistle, guitar, and mandolin. He was born and raised in Sidmouth, Devon, and lives in Sussex. 

He was originally a ballet dancer. Therefore, in addition to participating in music shows, Ewan Wardrop also plays in dance groups.

Laura Currie

Laura Currie is the youngest member. Scotland is her hometown, after which she studied English Literature in Edinburgh. After seeing a concert band, Laura Currie decided to start and play music. In 2019 she became the vice-captain of the group.

She released many videos about piano lessons and even performed solo. Moreover, she can play guitar, bass, and piano. 


Each member has a unique personality and talents that create the perfect Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Today, this is still one of the most popular bands of all time.Hope the details about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain members just mentioned above satisfy you!