The Clients Rave About The Ken Ulansey Ensemble

Corporate & Philanthropic Events, Anniversary Parties, Concerts, Etc.

Dear Ken,
I can’t thank you and your ensemble enough. You truly made our event on Saturday a super day, and one we will remember for a long time. The music was first class and I can’t tell you how many compliments I received about your band.
Thanks again,

Dear Ken,
What a wonderful concert you gave us at the Andorra Library! You thrilled us with music. The audience was clearly involved in your performance throughout the evening, smiling, laughing, clapping and foot-tapping. Your song selection, sequence and pacing were excellent. Between songs, you reached us in a personal way by engaging us in rich conversations about music, history, and genealogy. Afterwards many told me what I had already discovered: they had an unforgettable evening.

Dear Ken,
I’ve always believed the music makes the party and Saturday reinforced that for me! Your band was perfect – – you knew what to play, when to play it, and for how long. Thank you for making my party such a success. Please don’t get too famous, because we have lots more parties that need your music!

Dear Ken, Phyllis & Dan,
Thank you from all of us on the Marjorie Kopeland Cultural Series Committee. It was a wonderful way to end our 2005 Series for the summer. It was indeed a sampler of music from many countries. Your presentation of many instruments; your ability to give us some knowledge about the music in an informal way; your professional way of giving each the opportunity to show your abilities, was appreciated and well received. The Marjorie Kopeland Series audience want to say “Thank You,” too. We hope to see you again.

Thanks so much for another great event. You guys are wonderful. Everyone loved you!
Thanks again,
Allison (Event Planner)

Dear Kenny,
You are a gift! It is an inspiration to watch you in action as you help music to be made with enthusiasm, wisdom and gentle, but firm, leadership. Your guidance made our recording session smooth and easy, and, I have every confidence, fruitful. I am deeply grateful for the generosity with which you shared your talents.